9 Interior Design Ideas to Make Your Home Look and Feel Luxurious

9 Interior Design Ideas to Make Your Home Look and Feel Luxurious

We’ve long ascribed to the notion that “home is where the heart is,” but in 2023, home is the hub of our existence, an extension of ourselves, and our sanctuary in an unpredictable world. We work here, play here, unwind here, and entertain here. If you want to bring fresh designs and features to your Bel Air luxury home, Mark Rutstein has compiled recommendations from some of 2023’s hottest interior design ideas.

1. Eco-friendly features

As we become ever more conscious of our impact on the environment and our responsibility to steward our natural resources well, our home’s features can make a difference. Create an electric car charging station in your garage. Not only will it allow you to power up your own electric vehicle, but it’s a great resource for any guests you may have visiting. Purified drinking water is ideal, but plastic bottles are terrible for our environment. Install a water filtration system in your kitchen for pure and refreshing water anytime. Evaluate your home’s energy efficiency and make changes with long-term benefits, such as installing solar panels or triple-paned windows.

2. Biophilic design

The natural world is a fascinating and gorgeous place, filled with color palettes, textures, and materials that lend themselves beautifully to home design. Expect to see rugs of natural fibers, rattan furniture, natural stone accents, and woods in their natural hues. Reclaimed wood, stumps turned into end tables, or dining tables created from a tree trunk bring the aesthetics of nature right inside. Water features such as reflection ponds and fountains add a soothing touch to the home, courtyard, and garden. From succulents to orchids and a myriad of other indoor plants, people are incorporating the shades, textures, and artistry of living plants into their households. Many are looking to the shades of nature, such as the blues of the sky or the greens of springtime, to inspire their household color choices.

Mental and emotional well-being is at the forefront of our consciousness, and if we ascribe to the belief that our home is our sanctuary, then it needs to have a comforting, nurturing feel. Gone are the harsh edges and coldness of stark minimalism. Instead, curvaceous couches and rounded tables exude warmth and comfort. Fabrics are rich and supple, and a wide variety of textures prevail.

3. Smart home features

Smart technology continues to make incredible advances that help keep our homes safe and to enable us to enjoy the perfect ambiance, whatever the mood. From smart lighting and smart speakers to security cameras and doorbells, your home can be wired to managed and controlled at the punch of a button. Want to keep an eye on your property while you’re away from home? No problem. You can access the camera from your phone. Equipping your home with the convenience of smart technology gives you more time to do what you love.

4. Themed massage rooms

Want to be transported to the baths of Ancient Rome without ever leaving your Beverly Hills luxury home? Create a themed massage room with inspired sensual elements, including soft lighting, music, luxe towels, a heated massage table, and nearby steam room or hot tub. Want to enjoy a romantic date with your partner? Equip your massage room for two and experience rejuvenation together in the privacy of your own home.

5. Wine cellars

Investing in wine and spirits is an up-and-coming strategy for enhancing one’s financial portfolio. Wine is a stable but sensitive investment, and as such, it requires careful care and handling. Protect your investment and create your own stylish private wine bar with a custom wine cellar. Be sure to allow room for your collection to grow, as investing in spirits is becoming a lucrative.

6. Window walls

If your home has a spectacular view or if you want to enjoy the beauty of your personal garden even while you are inside, replace cumbersome walls with floor-to-ceiling windows. Not only will you enjoy the pristine view from your Holmby Hills luxury home, but beautiful, natural light will brighten your space and give it an airy feel.

7. Gardens

If we received any benefit from our COVID-19 experience, it was certainly a renewed appreciation of our natural world. As homes became our spaces for work and play, we reimagined everything, including our property. Gardening, whether you grow produce, cultivate flowers, or create a sculpture garden with meandering walks and cozy sitting spaces, maximizes the potential of your home and gives you the perfect place to connect with nature and get a little vitamin D.

8. Pools

Swimming pools have grown up since our childhood days in vinyl-lined splash zones. Modern pools utilize salt water and the newest trend includes invigorating cold-plunge pools. Because outdoor living spaces have become the hub of family and social life, incorporating cozy lounge spaces that exude a sense of comfort and relaxation will make your back deck and poolside area a vacation destination you never have to leave. Make the transition from indoor to outdoor living seamless with retractable glass walls and an outdoor kitchen.

9. Your personal palette

Perhaps more than any other design trend, the idea that your home is a reflection of you is 2023’s most winning approach to home decor. Pick and choose from current trends that appeal to you, but know that your own personal style is what makes your Bel Air luxury home distinct. It’s okay to incorporate sentimental and heirloom items into your decor, works from your favorite artist, or home accessories picked up when you traveled. Utilize your favorite colors. Blend your favorites of bygone seasons and styles with fresh accents and accessories.

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The idea of designing your family’s perfect sanctuary is exciting and thrilling. If you are looking for that perfect Bel Air, Beverly Hills, or Holmby Hills luxury home to use as your creative inspiration, reach out to Mark Rutstein, a local real estate expert. He will guide you through every step of a process, helping you make your new house a home. Give him a call today.