6 Reasons to Choose a Skillful & Seasoned Real Estate Agent Over "For Sale By Owner"

6 Reasons to Choose a Skillful & Seasoned Real Estate Agent Over "For Sale By Owner"

When it comes time to sell your beloved home, you may feel enticed by the prospect of a “For sale by owner” listing, wherein you sell your own home without entrusting the help of a local real estate agent. Perhaps you’re considering this idea for yourself and wondering what the pros and cons are. However, you’ll find that the service and expertise that a seasoned Encino real estate agent can share with you is tremendously valuable.

Here are a few of the main reasons why you’re better off teaming up with a local real estate agent rather than trying to sell your home without help.

An experienced agent understands the market

The current state of the Encino real estate market will impact many of the decisions that you make when selling a home, as it affects how you price your home and how you respond to offers and counter-offers from potential buyers. It’s hard to fully comprehend the current state of the housing market when you’re not studying trends and events on a daily basis. An experienced realtor has a strong understanding of where the market currently stands and how the housing landscape might change in the near future. They will share this expertise with you so that you can make the best possible decisions when selling your home.

An experienced agent is well-connected with other agents

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One of the most significant advantages of working with an experienced agent is that you get to leverage their connections with other agents in the area. Shortly before or after your Encino home goes on the market, your agent can reach out to other agents to inform them of the new property available for sale. These agents can then pass the information along to the buyers they are working with. These buyers will be motivated to act quickly since they are already working with an agent on their search for a new home. In fact, you might be able to schedule multiple showings before your home officially goes on the market simply through your agent’s connections.

An agent has access to the MLS

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The MLS, or Multiple Listing Service, is an online platform that connects buyers with available properties. Listings on the MLS often contain more information than what you’ll find on other online listing sites. The MLS is not publicly available; only licensed real estate agents can access the platform. You’ll find that buyers who shop for Encino homes for sale on the MLS are shopping more seriously than others since they are already working with a real estate agent. Leveraging the MLS can be a great way to drum up more significant interest in your home sale. You’ll pay a small fee to list your home on the platform, but the cost is worth it if it helps your home sell more quickly or generate more offers.

An experienced agent knows how to market

In order to sell your home for top-dollar offers, you want to work with an agent who has a strong and savvy marketing plan in place. Without an awareness of how to market a home effectively, you will likely find that your open houses are falling short in terms of attendees. One of the greatest benefits of teaming up with an experienced agent is that you’ll have someone on your side who can help you effectively market your home.

When devising your home listing, your Encino real estate agent will make sure that you have a well-written description in place. They will also provide advice on what local buyers are looking for and connect you with professional stagers and photographers who will make your home look truly amazing at every turn. They have a strong awareness of which features buyers want to see, and they will make sure your home is staged and positioned in a way that will attract favorable attention from plenty of potential buyers.

An experienced agent knows how to negotiate effectively

There comes a point during most real estate transactions where a buyer and seller are trading offers with each other. Your agent will professionally represent you during each of these negotiations. Your agent will guide you in forming your responses to offers and develop counteroffers whenever appropriate. They will provide expert insight into how you can use additional negotiating tactics and tools outside of the asking price to secure a better deal for your home.

If you receive multiple offers, your agent will help you fully understand what each offer entails as you think about which offer will be the best one for your goals. After all, contrary to what some people believe, the best offer isn’t always the one with the highest asking price.

An experienced agent knows how to write a home contract

Once you have a deal with a buyer in place, you’ll spend the next several weeks getting ready for closing. During this time, your agent and the buyer’s agent will be working together to develop the paperwork that you’ll sign at closing.

If you’ve closed on a home before, you know that there are many forms and contracts to sign on closing day. You may not have the time (or the ability) to read through each contract ahead of time to better understand what you’re signing. However, this isn’t a concern when you partner up with an experienced agent. Your agent will expertly explain to you any important lines or clauses, and they can provide clarification wherever needed. That way, you can move forward with confidence.

Ready to find an agent?

Now that you understand the many benefits of working with an experienced Encino real estate agent, you might be wondering what your next steps should be. Reach out to leading agent Mark Rutstein of Iconic Homes if you’re looking for top-tier service and top-dollar offers. Mark is an incredibly talented marketer and negotiator, and he works hard to take care of each of his clients throughout the entire selling process. Reach out today to get started!

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